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🇺🇸 Movie Recommendation: Tully

As you may know, in February this year, I started my training as a Newborn Care Specialist.

We have online sessions once a month, over a whole weekend. Over the last module, the issue was raised about how many parents still don't know about what a NCS does. Our teacher told us that a good way to help people understand it, may be having them watch the movie Tully.

I thought I would write about what I enjoyed about the movie, and what I didn't.

Reasons Why I liked Tully:

  • It shows a realistic view of the struggles a mom faces during postpartum

  • It represents the duality many of us face: I need help but I refuse to accept it

  • The NCS is characterized by a trained and energetic woman

  • It represents the NCS as a trained professional (versus a regular babysitter or nanny which only counts with experience, but lacks certification)

  • It is a comedy/drama. This point may sound confusing but it is one of the reasons why I loved it. It shows reality with touches of humor.

  • There is a supportive wealthy brother who recommends and pays for the NCS as a baby gift to the mom. I like that the gift is a service, and it's for the mom. Instead of the usual gift: baby toys, clothes, a gadget, etc...

Reasons Why I didn't like Tully so much:

  • Half way through the movie, the story takes an odd spin. I won't give away a spoiler but let's just say the image of an NCS gets completely distorted.

  • Sometimes it can be slow-paced. Specially during the 1st half of the movie. You may want to stop watching it. Don't!

  • The mom and the NCS are very polarized characters. Which sometimes seems a bit scary and unrealistic... Tully (NCS) is full of energy, free and fearless while Marlo (mom) is facing one of the darkest moments of her life.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime. Here is the trailer:

If you watch it, or have watched it already, let me know what you think!

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