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When I started using Essential Oils as a teenager, I was only interested in the scents. Having fun with them, keeping it simple. That is how I continued to use EO for years. Error and Trial, I like this, I don't like that...

When I became pregnant in 2016 I became more aware of what we put on our bodies and how that afffects the life(s) we are carrying within.

I then began to educate myself about Aromatherapy. For me, using EO continues to be about having fun, enjoying the process, and seeing the changes it does to our family.

As a certified international educator, it is truly my passion to host workshops, online classes, and to spread on the knowledge I have acquired over the years. I try to keep things visually appealing, fun and short! Because I know how little time us moms have and that is something I keep in mind very much,

So tell me, what are you interested in? What's holding you back? How can I be of help?


Aromatherapy may seem overwhelming in the beginning. Trust me, I have been there!

Gosh, there are SO MANY oils and SO MANY other beautiful products like diffusers, make up, baby products and what not... that one can truly go bananas thinking we have to know it all.

But guess, what, we don't! You don't need to know it all to get started into the Oily Life.

I am here to support you every step of the way. You buying your oils is not my target.

Supporting mothers that chose a more natural approach to raising their children is what I am passionate about.

It's all about you, you making the choices you need to make to become the mother you want to be.


If you already know about the benefits of Aromatherapy, you can go ahead and order your oils.

If you have questions, you can always reach out. I will be happy to assist you along the way.

There are different ways to get started. I always recommend getting one of the Premium Starter Kits.

The reason is they are the best value for money. There are different kinds of PSKs depending what area of your life you want to support:

- Diffuser + 12 Essential Oils + freebies  (this is the PSK. My favorite!)

There are different models of diffusers you can chose from

- Toxic Free Home with Plant Based cleaning products

(how I got started with the "Ditch & Switch" during my first pregnancy in 2016)


Botanically based CBD solutions 

The newest of the starter kits and my newest acquisition!!!!


Once you have ordered your products, you will be invited to join our community.

You can join a Whatsapp group that I have created specifically to support you along the way.

Start your journey....png

Essential Rewards

The Monthly Autoship ( Essential Rewards) is completely optional BUT it is something that we have LOVED for switching out the products in our home and getting safe clean products conveniently to our doorstep! Oh and you can cancel or change what's in your monthly order at any time! Think: cleaning products, baby & kids products, vitamins, makeup, food supplements, and so much more!

By hopping on Essential Rewards you are saying yes to a customizable, convenient monthly autoship that gives you the ability to earn points for free products, enjoy reduced shipping costs, and plan out your family’s oily budget. 

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