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In 2023 I gave birth to my 3rd child: Home Birth After 2 Cesareans. Ever since, I am passionate about sharing my story hoping to connect with other mamas with similar journeys,

In the Blog, you can find several entries about how to introduce new languags to children, traveling across the world while being pregnant, favorite movies, using aromatherapy to support pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, ... etc.


As an entrepreneur and mom, it can be exhausting managing it all. Sometimes when you’re feeling down and out, you need something or someone to remind you that you were made for more. So if you’re feeling weary, or need a dose of motivation, these inspiring mompreneur quotes may be just the reminder you need.



Education and Background

Newborn Care Specialist

Online 2020

(1 year NBCS Course - Completed)
Pending Certification

NBCS training conducted by Lactasalus.

  • Care for mothers and their babies during the first months of the life of an infant

  • Lactation (whether breastfeeding or formula feeding)

  • Baby Feeding & Baby Led Weaning

  • Baby & infant sleep habits, caring for multiples

  • Best practices for the health and safety of a newborn

  • Following Pediatric guidelines, and World Health Organization's guidelines

The voice in Birth

La Voz de la Maternidad,
Online 2020

Training conducted by Esther Santiago.

  • Singing as a bonding tool with the (unborn) child.

  • How the use of voice can support the birth process.

  • Use of voice to create a community/sisterhood extending from pregnancy to the postpartum.

Doula Certification

Para Ser Doula,

Online 2019-2020

1 year Doula Course - completed

Certification not obtained

Para Ser Doula course was endorsed by the Spanish Association of Doulas (Asociación Española de Doulas). As the world entered an unexpected pandemic, the course facilitators were unable to support us participants to get certified. None of us obtained the certification. I myself gave birth to a premature baby and had to change the focus of my energy to get myself and my family afloat. I however intended to become a certified doula one day through a different provider.

MBSR – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

American International School of Budapest,
Budapest 2018

Foundational and practical training in Mindfulness modeled after the MSBR Program of the Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School. Course conducted by Gabor Fazekas, President of the Hungarian Mindfulness and Contemplative Association.

Infant Massage Course

International Association of Infant Massage
Budapest 2017

Baby massage can:

  • help relieve constipation and promote regular bowel movements

  • reduce reflux, gas, colic and crying

  • improve baby’s digestion and absorption of nutrients

  • help baby’s cognitive development

  • improve communication between baby and you

  • help you and baby relax

  • help baby sleep better

  • help you and baby bond

Pediatric CPR &
First Aid Training

Budapest, 2017

Bites and scratches - Bleeding - Broken bones, sprains, strains - Burns - Choking - CPR - Dehydration - Emergency contacts - Eye Injuries - Fever - Frostbite - Head injuries - Insect Bites and Stings - Nosebleeds - Seizures - Ticks - Vomiting - Home safety - Other safety

Bachelor's Degree

Universitat de Vic
Vic, 2014

Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpretation: Spanish, English, French & Catalan

Professional Development: PYP, MYP and others

Different locations,

  • Promoting International Mindedness in the PYP

  • Creativity in the Classroom

  • Making the PYP Happen 
    in the Classroom

  • Teaching ESL students in Mainstream Classrooms

  • Inquiry Based Teaching

  • Assessment in the PYP

  • Learning Teaching & Assessing, the Connected Cycle

  • PYP - Teaching and Learning

  • Quality Assessment from Start to Finish

  • Technology in the Classroom

  • Creating a Culture of Inquiry

Master's Degree in Education

  • Masters in TEFL

  • Teaching Qualification (CQP/CAP)

  • Advanced Certificate in TEFL

Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Barcelona, 2005-2006


Angie Pellegrin Hays

Ana is a born nurturer. She is selfless, kind, and generous of spirit. She is an amazing friend to have in your corner. Ana extends her kindness to all she meets and freely shares her knowledge and passion for the mere satisfaction of hopefully making someone’s life a little better or easing their pain.

It is these attributes that make Ana an amazing friend. She always keeps her word and doesn’t procrastinate. One of Ana’s greatest gifts is that she senses others needs. She doesn’t wait to be asked in order to give assistance. She goes the extra mile to extend herself in your time of need.

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