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Welcome mama,

I'm Ana, a former translator, interpreter and teacher from Spain. It is my aim to become a certified Doula & a Newborn Care Specialist.


Having gone through the struggles of being a mom abroad, I decided to create a platform for fellow immigrant mothers who'd like to raise a community of support together.

My current project is on Instagram and Facebook, called My Birth Story Abroad, showcasing stories in which moms share their experiences of welcoming a new life in a foreign country.


We experience maternity so differently from the intimate spaces of our bodies and minds, it feels disingenuous to strike comparisons and place value judgments. Any woman who experiences the vulnerability of carrying a child in her body -or heart- and bringing it earthside is heroic in my estimation. Loss moms, adoptive moms, cesarean birth mothers, any mother…We all open. We all tear, somewhere (body, heart, soul). We all both wildly embrace and struggle to embrace these experiences. It all takes courage and that courage is always worth celebrating.

inspired by Rachel Lorena Brown


I am so happy to have you here.

As a certified and experienced educator, I have spent 10 years working in international schools in India, Myanmar and Hungary.
Budapest was our home for 8 years, and where I became a mother in 2017. This website is intended to narrate my journey as a mompreneur while I become a certified doula and a newborn care specialist..

I love building community and connecting with others. If you are also a mom, and have a story to share, I would love to hear from you!

Si quieres leerme en español, esta es mi cuenta de Instagram en la que hablo de maternidad y gordofobia. Aunque también sobre nuestra conexión con la luna, sororidad y aromaterapia.

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